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Knowing and using proper grammar is useful in every aspect of life from education to working to leadership and every aspect of social life. To become an effective leader grammar skills are important. Communication skills are one of the main tools used by leaders to communicate their thoughts and ideas to their followers and admirers. Some of the world’s best-known leaders like Winston Churchill were known for their leadership, world knowledge, insight, deductive reasoning and English speaking and writing skills. Communication skills are indispensable to issue effective directions and provide people with the assurance of leading skills.

For students who plan to pursue higher studies, submitting papers which are grammatically correct becomes imperative. College professors tend to frown at and reject poorly written assignments.

Proper grammar is essential for understanding and communicating effectively in English. Hearing other people speak fluent English helps in making newcomers to the language gain fluency in it.

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Why is grammar important?

The importance of grammar cannot be taken too lightly as using correct grammar will outshine bad grammar anywhere and in every language. Grammar is the rules that need to be adopted if a person wants to gain command over a language. If you cannot convey what you want to say; you are going to make mistakes and end up frustrated with yourself because of your lack of skills on stating what you wanted to say. Without grammar, every language would be a useless form of trying to communicate with each other. Using good grammar shows that you have command over the language and that you can convey what’s on your mind in clear and easily understood words.

People realize the importance of grammar when they communicate verbally and in writing with other people. If they speak, understand and write clearly and correctly, others will not face any difficulties in understanding them. These people remain relaxed as they have acquired fluency in a certain language. On the other hands, people who are devoid of particular language skills invariably find themselves in difficulties when they try to communicate with others. These people end up getting frustrated with themselves because they fail to communicate their thoughts and needs to others.

America started out as a mix of immigrants who came to its shores from all parts of the globe. Each spoke a different language, and each brought their skill set to this country. English was adopted as the official language and today Americans whose ancestors migrated here all speak English. Yes, they have developed their style of English which is different from the British English, but it is the language all Americans speak and write. For example ‘centre’ is spelled as ‘center,' and there are other subtle changes that the Americans have made in the English that they speak and write. One aspect, however, remains common in both the forms of English, which is that they follow the same set of grammar rules. So if you are fluent in British English, you won’t face any problems in communicating with Americans and vice versa. Yes, the only difference will be the accent. Americans speak in an easy tone, but they tend to jam their words together. The British do not. Americans speak fast Britons don’t. However, if you get used to the tone and talking style, it’s not a problem for them to communicate.

Grammatical errors occur especially in writing, and this is where the problem lies. You can get away while speaking as someone will correct you, but when you are writing in isolation mistakes are made. Yes, English and its grammar as our native or adopted language have been taught to us in school. But while writing, we tend to forget the rules and make mistakes. Where to place a punctuation mark and which is the correct punctuation confound us. Similarly, some words spelling can be quite exasperating. In certain situations doing well or badly in your work can depend on your English language ability.

From teachers to professors to interviewers to bosses all expect a person to speak and write correct English. Since over 50% of the world communicates in this language, you must have a sound grasp of it if you want to progress in this English speaking and writing world

Importance of a good, reliable, easy to use grammar checker

The practice of writing with ink on paper has declined to the extent that in some countries the postal mail service has become redundant and a fond memory of days gone by. Today, more than half the world uses computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets to communicate with each other. All you need is a good word processor application, and you are on your way. Whereas communicating with people across the globe has become easier, the English language has not declined as far as official communication is concerned. Governments and business houses use English to communicate with others. Therefore knowing how to write proper and correct English is vital.

Word processors have made life easier as the popular ones have an inbuilt spell checker and a choice of dictionaries to use. But no word processing application offers grammar checker. For this, you need to seek other sources, and this is where Online grammar checker becomes a useful tool.

Online grammar checker is easy to use grammar checking tool. All that you need to do is to copy/paste your document in it and select whether you have used the US or UK style and clicked ‘Submit.' It will check every sentence in the submitted document, and if it spots any grammatical mistakes, it will highlight them. It does not stop there; it also offers the correct suggestion. Now it’s entirely up to the user’s discretion if they want to incorporate the suggested changes in the document or not

You don’t need to download and install the application on your computer. All that you need to do is to go to Online grammar checker from your browser and use the application. You are free to use it as many times as you want and you don’t have to pay to use it, and neither do you have to register to use it.