Does Online Grammar Checker really check all grammatical mistakes?

Online grammar checker has been well researched by grammar experts, and they put together the grammar rules that have been incorporated in this application. Asides from the rules proposed by our team we have also conducted a fairly large survey on the types of grammar mistakes that people make in writing English. Corrections of these types of mistakes have also been addressed. Online grammar checker checks for a number of grammar mistakes and is quite comprehensive in its checking. It also caters for the different dialects of English. We know that the commonly used dialect for communications is the American English, but online grammar checker has gone a step further and also checks grammar in Canadian, British, South African, Australian and New Zealand versions of English as well. All the versions of English spoken in the world today have some subtle differences in them. For example, British English is formal and American English is informal. Also, Americans tend to join words together and the spelling also of some words is different. Similarly, the Canadian, South African, Australian and New Zealand versions of English have some differences from the standard British English. Online grammar checker is quite comprehensive and caters for all these differences. That is of course if you select the version you want the check to be conducted in. online grammar checker does a widespread check on the sentences in the document submitted for checking, and we are quite confident that it’s trapping a wide range of grammar mistakes. We are quite sure that you will be satisfied with the results it presents and you will use it frequently to check your English written communications.