Will online grammar checker always be a free application?

Online grammar checker has been launched to help people make fewer grammar mistakes and improve their writing skills. Millions of documents, posts, blogs new reports, narrations are written every day. Some of them are very good and a joy to read, whereas others make the reader angry. Not because the content is wrong it’s just that the grammar is wrong which makes a document unreadable. Online grammar checker expects people who have trouble in writing correct grammatical content to use the application so that they can ultimately improve their writing skills and their documents do not irritate readers. No one reads badly written documents, posts and blogs, and once readers reject a writer, it’s exceedingly difficult for the writer to regain their audience. Some do once they have improved their writing skills others just give up writing.

Developing and maintaining a grammar checker website requires a lot of hard work and expenses. But we have absolutely no plans for the present or future to ask users to pay for using this application. Neither will we ever ask users to register with us. That was never the plan and it never will be. It will always be a free to use application. We expect that this application will help writers gain confidence in their writing and more users will start using the application. Once it gains in popularity we expect it to become the most ‘sort after’ grammar checker application. For us just knowing that we have a top class application being used by a wide variety of people across the globe will be our success story. In the mean time we will keep striving to improve the application. Online grammar checker will also evolve with the way the English language is evolving. Different versions of English are becoming quite common and this application caters for them. It will always remain a free application like Google and Yahoo.