How reliable is online grammar checker?

We don’t like to blow our own horn, but we can say that online grammar checker is one of the most reliable and fast grammar checker on the internet right now. It has all the grammar rules which were developed while the English language was evolving incorporated in it. Plus all the modern grammar rules that are applied especially in the American and British forms of English have been included in it. The website is always up 24/7, we have made sure of that. Unless something drastic happens, we can assure you that the site will always be up and running. Coming to the grammar rules applied you just have to make sure that you select the correct language when using it. Just to give you an example, its default is American English as that’s the most popular version of English being used worldwide right now. So if you were to submit a document in British English it will return spelling mistakes which might also be causing grammar mistakes. The Americans end words with –ize and the British end the same words with –ise. The Americans spell words ending with –or and the British last letters for the same words are –our. So as you can see that we have made sure that online grammar checker caters for these two forms of the same language separately.

Secondly, its constantly being improved and expanded so you, as the user can be quite sure that you are using a reliable product. It will be available and free to use for a long time into the future. You can check it against other similar applications to see how reliable it is. In case you come across any reliability issues, get in touch with us. We always appreciate our users feedback and tips on how to improve the application.