Will you ever share my work publicly?

No, we will not. Nor do we have any intentions of doing this. Our sole purpose is to provide help to users to correct any grammar mistakes that they might have made in their documents. Every day thousands of people are using this application to ensure that they have not made any grammatical mistakes. We don’t know who are users are and where our most frequent users based. From simple single sentence emails to voluminous reports are submitted and covering a range of topics is checked. If you ask us to tell you the frequent topic on which papers are submitted or the average size of the documents, we have no idea. Why would yours or any other user’s work be stored by us? What purpose would it serve us? Do you have any idea of the disk storage space we would need to store all the documents that are submitted for checking. We would require more space than Google, Yahoo or perhaps even the educational institutions uses to run its applications and store students records. If you think online grammar checker would be interested in storing and selling documents of users; you are absolutely wrong. We would be sued by users in several courts and would have to pay millions for invading and compromising users’ privacy. We believe in guarding users’ privacy and don’t store any document. The way online grammar checker works is that you submit a document for checking, the application checks it and displays the results. Once you close the window, that’s it, everything that you have done is lost and only you have the document. That is if you copied and saved it. If not it’s wiped out. So you can be rest assured that online grammar checker neither makes any copies nor will it ever do it.